Wednesday 4 March 2015

WIP Wednesday

As I cast off so many projects in February, many of them long-lingering, I thought I could cast on a couple of new things in the past few days completely guilt-free. So here are my two latest works in progress.
Rainbow blanket
I need to knit a few baby presents at the minute, so I thought I'd cast on my first: a blanket made from squares, half in rainbow colours, the other half with pictures. I'm not yet ready to let you know the blanket theme as I haven't even started sketching the picture squares, let alone charting or knitting them, but I am ready to start to show you the rainbow squares. All the yarn so far is from my stash; I've given myself a pallette of 6 colours, plus white and black. I'm not going to be able to finish the blanket without buying some more yellow though, so it will be stalled shortly as I'm not allowing myself to buy any yarn during Lent, but I'm making good progress so far. I'm really enjoying it too; lovely satisfying easy knitting, and so cheerful.

Sockhead hat
In January I purchased some gorgeous yarn from Devon Sun Yarns, the colours are too beautiful for socks, so I decided I'd make a Sockhead Hat instead. I've had a bit of a fluke on the number of stitches, and the yarn is creating wonderful spiral stripes - I spend as much time knitting it as I do staring at the colours! Even though I've added 8 extra stitches to the hat, and my tension is a bit looser than the pattern suggests, I'm still not certain it will be quite big enough, but the stripes are too beautiful to disrupt so keeping it as it is and will gift it if necessary.


  1. Love the rainbow squares, they're so cheerful! The yarn for your hat is very pretty, the spirals will look lovely when it's finished!

    1. The spirals might go a little funky when I get to the crown, but the colours in this yarn as so lovely I suspect I won't mind. And now I've knitted a bit more I am rather more confident that it might actually fit me!