Friday 6 March 2015

The trouble with socks: Part 6

Finally, I have a pair of socks! Hooray!

And they match (although not quite perfectly). One is marginally smaller than the other as it is from the fully unravelled sock, so the yarn was stretched before use. But they're very close.

I wore them for the first time on Monday and discovered that they work well inside my walking shoes (default footwear at present), but not so well inside my slipper boots, so I'll have to knit myself some slipper socks sometime! I will have to learn how to make my cast on a bit looser though as one sock was a tad snug at the top, not so much that it was uncomfortable, just enough that I noticed it.

So what have I learnt from knitting my first pair of socks?
  1. Sock maths! The mathematics of socks is actually pretty straight forward once you've knitted three in two different sizes
  2. The importance of negative ease
  3. Hand knitted socks are comfy!
  4. Knitting with skinny yarn and tiny needles is pretty satisfying
  5. Sock yarn can be addictive. So many amazing indie dyers making so much pretty yarn!
As I've decided I'll definitely be knitting more socks, what are my next steps?
  1. I need to make my cast on slightly looser
  2. Two at a time socks (and how to hand wind a centre pull doubled ball so I can use every last inch of yarn)
  3. Socks from the toe up - there's some fabulous yarn I want to try!

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