Saturday 23 July 2016

New pattern: Flying High

The school holidays have started! And it feels like summer might finally be here, woo hoo! And I have a new pattern out: Flying High baby blanket.

This blanket is a quick and easy. It's knitted in chunky weight yarn, so knits up quickly, and the intarsia only covers a quarter of the blanket with only two colour changes per row; the tail is added with duplicate stitch at the end. The ribbons are knitted separetly and sewn on, and stitches are picked up round the edges to add the border. The first half of the blanket is also good car knitting, if you have a long journey planned where you get to be the passenger!

This blanket has been in my head for a long time - I sketched it for a submission in late-2013 - but I only got round to knitting it when a friend announced that she was pregnant, and I knew the design was a good match for her and her husband. I love anything rainbow coloured, so making this blanket was a lot of fun; if you prefer something a little more subtle, you can easily substitute the bright colours for more subtle options.

If you want to knit your own kite baby blanket, the pattern can be found here. Happy knitting!