Wednesday 29 July 2015

Way(le) behind schedule

So, work (and life in general) is currently getting in the way of blogging. So I'm quite glad to be able to sit down now for five minutes to say hello. The past couple of months have been exciting, with no less than five new babies to coo over! Five! That's more in two months than usually arrive amongst my friends in a year. And there's another due in a few days time. Very exciting.

All these babies arriving does mean I am a little behind on the baby knitting schdule though. The recipient of the whale blanket arrived on Saturday, on his mum's birthday (thank you - just a name to remember and not anohter date!), and this is the current state of play of the blanket: 11 squares complete (including three whales, although they don't have features yet, so technically they're not actually complete, but close enough), 5 squares and a border to go (and some seaming and swiss darning). I have sent chocolates, a card and an IOU - just keeping up with tradition, their wedding present was six months late!

The two babies that arrived last month already have their presents: robot and dinosaur blankets. Neither of which I've written about yet, but I'll get there in the end.

My son's nursery worker has had her baby, hope she liked the blue and green Beyond Puerperium.

And the other baby is a co-worker who is not expecting a present, so I don't have to make something if I don't have time, and if I do I can just make something small, possibly some cute baby boots.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

A month in knitting: June 2015

It's been a while, sorry! Being back at work has completely thrown me. I've been doing lots of swatching for submissions, and ploughing on with baby blankets, but once I've spent half a day at a computer for work, and the other half of the day trying to keep the family and house in order I barely have time to breathe, let alone blog. So here, belatedly, is my yarny summary for June.

A very enjoyable project, perfect for a single skein of pretty sock yarn.

Dinosaur blanket
A present for a friend's new baby. I finished it about half an hour after the baby arrived. And I've left writing this post so long that I can even show you a picture as I have met the lovely little baby and he has recieved the blanket.

Hermione's everyday socks
The socks of the broken needles. I cast these on for May's SKA Sockdown challenge and have obviously failed to finish them on time.

I might be up to about five squares now. The baby is due at the end of July, so I'd better get knitting.

They have heels, but the feet are taking ages!

Charity mitred blanket
Using up the leftovers from the dinosaur blanket (I over-bought by a bit. Quite a bit).

A cardigan for my daughter
A new pattern I'm working on. It's looking pretty so far.

Ruffle skirt for a friend's daughter
The second one of these that I've made, it'll be going to a friend's daughter for her third birthday. I thought it was finally time to use up some of the ruffle yarn from the stash.

Yarn in
A little disappointing as yarn parcels go


400g sock yarn from eBay
Lovely stripy sock yarn, and it's thicker than usual, so I should be able to make some slightly speedier socks than sometimes

150g 4ply for swatching for a submission
50g more 4ply for a swatching for a submission when I decided the original colour wasn't quite right!
And I ran out of time to make the actual swatch...

100g to swatch another idea
Thicker yarn, so I got this swatch done!

200g ruffle yarn
No, I don't learn!

Yarn out
119g Hitchhiker
564g dinosaur blanket
+367g. I don't learn, do I?

Plans for July
Get the WIP list down a bit. Six projects on the go is too many.

Tuesday 7 July 2015

My first Hitchhiker

In May I cast on my first Hitchhiker scarf. It's a pattern that has been on my radar for a long time, both through my assorted knitting groups and Ravelry. It's regarded as an excellent pattern for variegated yarns as the row lengths are constantly changing, which avoids pooling, so I cast it on with some of my Mother's Day yarn when I needed a straightforward project.

The scarf was a delight to knit. I could knit it whilst paying virtually no attention while at knitting groups or when I was the passenger in a car, or I could relax and watch the colours emerge in quieter moments. I didn't even mind when the rows got longer and longer, with each 'tooth' taking longer to emerge. I knitted the final two teeth while on a car journey to Somerset, and was a bit sad when I cast it off and was out of knitting.

Now it's done I just need to wait for some colder weather so I can wear it. I'll definitely be making more of these! Having knitted this one I know that one 400m ball of sock yarn will make 39 and three quarter teeth, which is a pretty good size for the scarf. It's always nice to have another suggestion for those balls and skeins of sock yarn that seem to just keep appearing around my house.

Saturday 4 July 2015

Yet another Granny's Favourite

A few months ago I bought my daughter an adorable outfit from our local Sainsbury's: a pair of yellow leggings with a pale blue tunic top decorated with daisies. Perfect for spring. The outfit did have one downside though, or, more accurately, the country I live in has one downside: the weather. Beautiful spring clothes don't always get that much wear in the UK as the weather is often stubbornly cold, even when the calendar suggests it should be otherwise.

So I decided to make a cardigan to go with the outfit, and went for the obvious choice: Granny's Favourite. I've made several before, and they fly off the needles. The cardigan is seamless, has just a little lace, and the use of only three buttons down the front means the cardigan lasts for ages as it doesn't really have to fit properly.

I was going to cast on in yellow as I have loads spare in the cupboard (a blanket's worth. I have twice tried to cast on a blanket with it, and both times given up after a few rows. This yarn is ill-fated.). Then I stopped and thought. No. A yellow cardigan should not be worn with a pair of yellow leggings, unless you want your child to look like a banana. So I went for navy blue instead.

The knitting was quick. The yarn (Stylecraft Lullaby) was lovely to work with - nice and squishy, and a little thicker than standard DK, which I liked. I even had the perfect buttons: little white daisies with yellow centres. This cardigan is lovely! No modelled photos I'm afraid as within seconds of putting the cardigan on she split something down it. Oops!

And this outfit was clearly destined to be as my sister has bought the same outfit for my daughter, but in the next size up. This cardigan will be getting a lot of wear!

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Super special brownies