Monday 30 March 2015


You may remember that at the start of the year I was working on a cabled baby blanket for my nephew. Well, I completed it in January and showed you a picture in my January round-up, but never told you all about it. So here it is, my Pargetry baby blanket.

I loved working on this blanket. The project was just the right size for me to enjoy the cables without getting bored of them, and waiting for the next crossover to appear kept me motivated throughout. The resulting blanket is very soft and squishy, perfect for snuggling up with. This definitely won't be the last cabled project of the year; I know many, many people expecting babies this year (7 at the last count), so there might be several more baby blankets, and some will definitely feature cables!

Somehow, around two small children, I've managed to get the pattern written up - with fully written and charted cables, in four sizes (baby, single bed, double bed and king-sized bed) - and tested, so, as of today, it's available in my Ravelry store. Those of you in the EU might have to wait a day or two for the pattern to become available for purchase, please be patient!


  1. Love this blanket! You are very clever and clearly some kind of wizard, where do you find the time and energy to write up patterns and charts?!?!

    1. Thank you! If you saw my house, you'd realise it was less of a miracle, and more housework neglect. But even I am surprised I've managed to get it done!