Thursday 19 March 2015


Finally, spring is here! Ok, so officially spring doesn't start for another couple of days, but today it felt as though it was spring.

This morning looked pretty unpromising, with fog and not a scrap of blue to be seen. I had planned to go to the Botanic Garden to take some photos, but the day looked like it was going to be dull, so I didn't pick up the camera. Wrong decision! By lunchtime the temperature was all the way up to 15 °C and the sun was shining brightly, so we went to the Botanic Garden anyway.

For a few minutes at least, both children were happy to entertain themselves, so I got on with a little knitting in the sunshine. The project is the hat I showed you a couple of weeks ago, and it's making excellent progress - just the crown decreases to go now.

My hat just fits in this bag! Admittedly it fitted better at the start of the project when it was mostly a tightly bound ball of yarn.

We did a lot of running about with my son, as well as feeding the fish and hunting for the creepy crawlies in the glass houses (thankfully all the spiders and the like are safely displayed behind glass, otherwise I wouldn't be so keen on looking at them), but I did get a few chances to enjoy the spring flowers that are just coming out.

I love the crocuses in their watering can. The colours are wonderful after the lack of colour that comes with winter.

And daffodils. Admittedly these are in the car park as the ones in the bits of the gardens that we visited are still just shoots and buds, but they are glorious nonetheless. I can't imagine ever getting bored of daffodils, they are definitely one of my favourite flowers.

Hope you're all enjoying the warmer weather and the signs of spring. I really hope that spring is here to stay! And next time I'll take a proper camera with me...

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