Sunday 15 February 2015

Valentine's surprises

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, which is not something we normally bother with, but this year we both managed to, although somewhat accidentally! Last week I told you about the scarf that was hiding away in the box of unfinished projects; well it is unfinished no more! I only had to knit a foot of it (not that I had written any notes to go with the project, and had started it before I joined Ravelry, so had to guess at which needles I'd used - the ball band said 5 mm, so I went with those and you can't even see a join!), and had handily knitted the ends in as I went, so finishing it was pretty easy (although I did have to pull back the first bit I knitted as I made the first blue stripe the same length as the light grey stripes when it should have been twice as long). I even managed to keep it a secret by knitting it at my Monday night knitting group and washing and blocking it while my husband was at work, so even better than a Valentine's present, this one turned out to be a Valentine's surprise. And he likes it, which is even better.

When I handed my husband his parcel he looked surprised, but said that there was something in the kitchen for me that I could have as a Valentine's present if I wanted. Obviously I don't generally turn down presents, so went to investigate and found a lovely bright yellow notebook and pen holder (the stitching on the pen holder is yellow so it matches). I'm not normally a fan of yellow, but am currently obsessed by it (I think it's the long winter; yellow is so cheerful), so am really looking forward to using it, especially as the paper has dots rather than lines - excellent for doodling on!

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