Sunday 1 February 2015

A month in knitting: January 2015

All done!
I haven't completed much this month, but the blanket for my sister's baby is complete, and I love it! The cables came out exactly as I wanted and I'm delighted with it. It's now been wrapped and posted off, so hopefully my sister's family like it as much as I do.

Works in progress
My first socksYes, I've been banging on about them for a couple of weeks now (see here and here), but they're making pretty good progress!

That wedding blanket
Still in progress, but the main body is done! I now just need to darn in the 300+ ends and do the border.

Creative yarn accounting

  • 100 g sock yarn
  • 400 g aran weight yarn for a blanket for a friend's baby
  • 100 g DK weight yarn for a commission
  • 132 g acrylic yarn that was 'free' with a magazine (the magazine was an old issue, so I got it for 50p, bargain! I bought it for the yarn, but there are loads of lovely patterns inside, so it was an actual bargain!)
  • 40 g sport-weight yarn free with Knit Now. I subscribe, so totally not my fault!
  • 200 g from Devon Sun Yarns - I finally signed up for their yarn club, which accounts for 100 g, the other 100 g was some sock yarn I couldn't resist, it's beautiful! Should arrive early this month, I'm very excited about getting to squish it!
  • 302 g for Pargetry (and I used the rest of the ball for swatching, so I could probably count it as more)
 +670 g. Oops, so much for new year, new start.

Aims for February
  1. Finish that blanket - this is the month!
  2. Look out all the unfinished projects hiding upstairs and finish or frog them; encouraged by the Knitting for Boys group on Ravelry,* February is officially WIPs month
  3. Finish my first sock
*You'll need to be logged into Ravelry for this link to work.


  1. Love the blanket! The cables are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! My sister loves it too. We'll have to wait and see what the baby thinks...

  2. I love the baby blanket as much as I hate sewing in ends.

    1. The baby blanket was only meant to have two ends, but there were a few knots in the ball, so I think I ended up darning in about 10 ends in the end. The giant blanket has far too many ends; they're currently staring at me from the sofa. Apparently they want darning in. I'm not so keen!