Sunday 5 April 2015

Easter in the Bird house

So here it is, Easter. A four-day weekend here in the UK, and very welcome it is too. And, just this once, the weather is glorious! We have hunted for eggs, basked in the sun, played cards, eaten far too much chocolate and generally had a lovely lazy day.

I started the day as I meant to go on, with Nutella on toast for breakfast - heavenly having not eaten chocolate for the whole of Lent (if you excuse the inadvertent mouthful of Maryland cookie I ate in the first week of Lent).

There are plenty of Easter treats to be had. I may have got carried away, as you can tell from my own personal stash. Oops!

My husband was pleased with his egg-box full of chocolate eggs though. I would have gone for 12 of his favourites (the Lindt ones), but Durham was pretty low on Easter eggs of any variety by the time I went shopping for them on Good Friday, so he had to have an assortment.

I totally failed on giving up yarn for Lent, and totally caved on Friday by going to my local yarn shop and picking up 300 g in the sale. Ah well, I've probably bought less than if I hadn't told myself I'd given it up.

Hope you are all having wonderful Easter holidays. I'm off to enjoy the rest of the sunshine.

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