Wednesday 8 April 2015

32 things before I turn 33

In the next few weeks I turn 32, and I'm not really looking forward to it. It's not the I don't enjoy birthdays, I do. It's more that 16 doesn't seem like it could possibly be half a lifetime ago. So rather than dwell on it, I've decided to make something positive of it and write a list of 32 things that I need to do before my 33rd birthday. Some are fun, some are things I've been meaning to do for a long time. Some are with the kids and my family, some are things purely for me. Hopefully I'll manage to get them all done. And of course I'll keep you updated over the year on how my list is progressing.

Woolly things
1. A pair of non-vanilla socks
2. Go to a yarn festival
3. Make a wiggly worm blanket for my son
4. Join in a mystery KAL
5. Host a KAL
6. Dye my own yarn
7. Make my own stitch markers
8. Knit a shawl featuring at least some lace
9. Knit socks for my husband
11. Knit a striped shawl
12. Submit a pattern to Knitty
13. Knit myself a cardigan

Baking things
14. Make fudge
15. Bake a battenburg
16. Make macarons
17. Make meringues
18. Make a tarte tatin

Photography things
19. Take a photography course
20. Make our wedding photo album
21. Make our 2013 photo album
22. Fill the empty frames with photo collages

Work things
23. Finish my PhD
24. Write a scientific paper
25. Get a proper job

Other stuff
26. Take my son to the North York Moors Railway
27. Sew a dress for my daughter
28. Get rid of any pre-baby clothes that are never going to fit again
29. Visit Edinburgh
30. Get all my badges stitched on my camp blanket
31. Get my birthdays calendar up to date
32. Walk barefoot along a beach


  1. This is a great list! Good luck!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS those socks! With a HEART on the heel! Sewing all badges on camp blanket? That is a never ending task. When you think, you're done, I'll just send you more. Not that I'm trying to sabotage your plans!

    1. I have loved those socks for a long time and can't wait to finally knit them! And the camp blanket can't make less progress than it currently is - I think I last stitched on a badge when on my first round of maternity leave, pre-baby.