Wednesday 12 October 2016

Bake Day Wednesday: Week 7: Dessert week

So last week on Bake Off it was Dessert Week, and I decided that I would postpone baking a dessert until I'd seen the show as I needed some inspiration. I don't often cook desserts (I make puddings, which are much less refined, far more frequently), so wasn't sure what I fancied. I really liked the look of the mousse cakes that the contestants made, and I don't think I've made mousse before, so that seemed like enough of a challenge. I searched through a couple of recipe books and decided to make the chocolate and raspberry cream pie from Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell (my favourite cake book, all the recipes work really well; the lemon drizzle cake is the best I've tasted).

I went to the supermarket on Friday and picked up the ingredients, then life started getting in the way. By the time I had emptied and painted my daughter's bedroom and nursed my poorly son, it was Monday... Undeterred, I set about making my rather belated Bake Day Wednesday bake. The base was easy: chocolate digestives and melted butter, all left to set in the fridge for a bit. And the mousse was surprisingly simple - melt the chocolate, beat in egg yolks, then whisk up the egg whites to peaks and fold them in carefully. There's also a layer of dulce de leche in there for extra decadence. This is a recipe to prepare ahead (as with most desserts, another reason I rarely make them), so we finally got to eat it for pudding on Monday evening (after it had been decorated with raspberries) and it was good. Squidgy, chocolatey and delicious. I'll definitely make it again, although my husband has requested that I leave out the dulce de leche as neither of us felt that it added anything, and it needs more raspberries as a contrast to all the richness, but very much a success!

I'm not going to be baking today, Tudor Week definitely requires quite a lot of additional inspiration (and probably quite a lot of research), so I'll be back with more baking in a few days. Hope you're all having a good day.

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