Wednesday 26 October 2016

Bake Day Wednesday 2016: Week 10: Final week

This evening is the final of Bake Off, and I'm looking forward to it! I've been feeling a bit off colour today, so any plans of baking have been put aside and instead I'm going to review what I've baked over the course of Bake Off this year.

This year's Bake Day Wednesday bakes
My favourite bake was the Chocolate Mousse Cake I baked for Dessert Week. It turns out that desserts aren't as faffy as I remembered, so long as you remember to make them the day before you want to eat them, or first thing in the morning.

My sausage rolls for Pastry Week told me that I need a lot more pastry practise (or to buy puff pastry from the supermarket). I usually make sausage rolls for Christmas Eve, so they recipe may get revisited then.

The choux buns I made for Patisserie Week were delicious and great fun to make. They're definitely going on the must-bake-for-a-special occasion list.

My least successful bake was the marble cake in Cake Week. The glaze was awful (I'd blocked it from my mind before looking up the photos for this post!), so maybe I need a little more practise at icing!

What were your favourite and least favourite bakes and episodes from this year?

P.S. Andrew to win!

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