Thursday 2 October 2014


Hello, and welcome to my blog!

Why start a blog you ask? Well, I’ve fancied having a blog for a while, I love to talk about knitting and baking, and woke up this morning thinking ‘today’s the day’, so here it is. My blog. Now what shall I tell you about today?

How about telling you about the title, ‘Bake Day Wednesday’? I love the Great British Bake Off (GBBO). In my mind it’s perfect TV: mildly-competitive baking, genius! So, for the first week of the current series of GBBO, I decided that the perfect accompaniment to watching baking on the TV would be some home-baked goodies, and proceeded to make a red velvet cake and post some pictures of it on Facebook. The following week I baked a cherry and almond cake, and again posted some photos on Facebook. This has continued for the past few weeks, has developed a few followers (if I haven’t posted a bake by about 6 pm on a Wednesday I do get texts asking where it is) and Bake Day Wednesday is now a weekly fixture. There has been occasional variation on the day of Bake Day Wednesday – one Sunday, inspired by the technical challenge in one week, I baked a Prinsesstarta, which would have been too complicated to do whilst looking after two children on my own – but one bake has happened every week for the duration of this series of GBBO, and I feel this is a tradition worth continuing! It’s also an excellent way of entertaining a toddler, especially as we have something to eat once the bake has been completed, if only I could teach him to wash up properly, then it would actually be perfect; as it is baking is always followed by floor cleaning. 

Fingers crossed we shall continue to bake at least once a week, and many of my blog posts will feature these bakes. But what else? Well, there’s always knitting. Every free minute you will find me knitting or crocheting something. I have mastered feeding a baby whilst knitting or crocheting, so having a baby hasn’t stopped me (I don’t get the chance to sit down much while not feeding a baby, so I would have been very sad if I hadn’t figure it out). Before my second child arrived I had a fledgling knitting design career (should you be interested you can see my designs on my Ravelry page), and hopefully I’ll get back to that in the not too distant future, but for the time being I’ll be concentrating on knitting other people’s designs. Nothing like a break to learn new techniques and be inspired. So expect plenty of pictures of knitwear, works in progress and crocheted blankets (I’m not good enough at crochet to get further than a blanket, but blankets are very therapeutic, and warm, which is obviously a good thing on autumn evenings). And maybe the occasional pile of yarn, or sketch of something new, or photo of something to inspire me.

So join me on my knitting and baking adventures, feel free to join in, I’d love to hear from you!

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