Friday 2 September 2016

New pattern: Harvest's Bounty

Summer has sped by, and suddenly it's autumn again! While I've been busy looking after my children since the summer holidays started, I have managed to fit in a bit of knitting work, including *finally* writing up the pattern for the pumpkin hat I debuted on this blog a couple of years ago.

Harvest's Bounty is pretty simple, knitted in the round from the bottom up and features a leaf and tendril details that are knitted then stitched in place. The leaf is unique to this design and is knitted in the round to allow it to lie perfectly flat. The pattern is written in five sizes from baby to man and would make an excellent novelty hat for any age group.

The pattern is avaliable now in my Ravelry store and can be purchased for just £1.50 until September 10th 2016 (end of the day, BST), after which it will be £2.40.

Here are a few of the hats knitted by my lovely team of testers:

A toddler version by Sharon (coffeecrazycrocheter on Instagram)

A sophisticated version by Sarah (sarahsh123 on Ravelry)

A baby version by Elise (eliseandlife on Instagram and Ravelry)

Jenny's adorable version (Jennystitches on Ravelry and Instagram)

Ling's alternative colour version, worn as a slouchy hat (ftmhling on Ravelry)
 The copyright of the testers' images remains with the testers; all images were used with permission.

Have you created your own pumpkin hat from Harvest's Bounty? I'd love to see, comment below, or find me on Ravelry.

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