Wednesday 14 September 2016

Bake Day Wednesday 2016: Week 4: Batter week

We're into week 4 of Bake Off, and I'm really enjoying this series: the challenges feel a bit less complex than in the past couple of series, which means I am ocassionally looking at things for inspiration and thinking that I might be able to make whatever it is the contestants have been asked to make. Not that I will be making steamed bread any time in the near future. At this point I think Andrew in my favourite, not that I necessarily think he's the best baker, I just like his enthusiasm.
This week is batter week, which is a new round for the programme. The weather today has been damp and autumnal, so today seemed like the perfect day to make toad in the hole (which handily also answered the 'what's for tea mum?' question), using the trusty Bero baking book that officially belongs to my husband, but I suspect there is a copy in the vast majority of British kitchens (if you haven't come across one, they're published by a flour manufacturer, can be bought very cheaply, and contain foolproof recipes for basics). Toad in the hole is great for autumn as it consists of sausages cooked in batter, so is warm and filling. The sauages get steamed in the batter, just crisping up on the top surface and have a wonderful soft texture. Can you tell that I love toad in the hole?! I served it with brocolli and onion gravy. Delicious!

In other Bake Off news, this week we've found out that Bake Off is moving to Channel 4 next year, and that Mel and Sue are leaving. This news has made me rather sad. Bake Off is quintiscentially British, and seemed very much at home on the BBC. I'm hoping that Channel 4 won't tinker with the format, and that Mary and Paul will stay on as judges. I'll give it a go, but am not holding out much hope, not least because I can't really imagine it without Mel and Sue introducing it.

Happy baking everyone!

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