Wednesday 28 September 2016

Bake Day Wednesday 2016: Week 6: Botanical Bakes

It's week six of Bake Off, and apparently my baking mojo has run out. I just don't want to bake, which is terribly unusual for me. It might have something to do with the theme for the week, which is botanical bakes, and I'm not feeling at all inspired. Hopefully I'll feel more like baking after watching the show this evening as I have a bake sale at school on Friday that requires contributions of cake (followed by purchase of cake; it's a hard life). For the time being I have purchased supermarket bakewell tarts, and will have a think about what to bake for Friday.

While I'm here, the winner of the Barley Twist competition is Sara Roberts (there were six entrants, and the third person to comment was selected via random number generator). I shall be in touch very shortly to work out how to get your prize to you, and thank you to everyone else for entering.


  1. ME!!! Thank you so much - so excited about winning something I will truly enjoy.
    And I agree about the botanical bakes - a strange theme.

    1. Excellent! I shall take it to the post office tomorrow.

      And yes, I was so excited about botanical bakes that I fell asleep with the kids last night, and still haven't watched it. Hopefully I'll get round to it tonight, assuming I can stay awake.