Thursday 5 November 2015

A month in yarn: October 2015

October has been a good month for getting things off the needles (excellent news as my WIP list was getting out of control). As it was Socktober, there was a bit of a focus on knitting socks, but plenty of other knitting was done too. And I had a bit of stash clear out - much needed. I did completely fail on not buying any more yarn though. I really must try harder!

Knitted using yarn from my friend Amy, these socks are properly adorable. Not that my daughter will deign to wear them. I keep trying, and I'm sure she'll give in eventually.

Knitted for a friend whose baby arrived a few days ago instead of a conventional baby gift. But now the baby's here I might knit something small for him too. I can't resist a baby knit.

October school runs are cold! A new hat was much needed.

Whale blanket
So the baby recipient for this is now three months old, which is a bit later than I would have liked, but there were rather a lot of ends to darn in (and edgings always take longer than I think they should). Now it is done I love it. The pattern will be available eventually.

Springtime Bandit for a school run friend
Easy yet interesting knitting. Aran weight shawls grow so fast. I used every inch of this yarn, and still had to cast off a row early. If I make another (which I probably will), I'll add a few extra body repeats. I'll blog properly about this one later as it's on my 32 things list.

My current favourites

Such pretty yarn from Mothy and the Squid

A cardigan for my daughter
This has taken five months for me to finish as the stripe sequence suddenly went crazy and four shades of red require good lighting to get them to match up. But it is now done, and should still fit! We have been out to take photos but I haven't got round to editing them yet.

Charity mitred blanket
No progress this month.

Bee blanket
The bee is charted, and I have worked as far as the charted section. But haven't made any progress beyond that. Definitely one to finish this month.

Wiggly worm blanket
Really ought to work on this one as well if I want to get it done in time for Christmas.

Blue tit socks for a friend
Requested by a friend, these match my first ever hand knitted socks. I feel like I've gone full circle on the sock knitting front. I have noticed though that my stripes are going out of sync every so slowly while I knit them - I suspecvt I'm knitting one sock a bit tighter than the other. The recipient is not a knitter though, and I suspect won't notice. And surely these are the charms of handmade?

Paris Toujours shawl for a friend's birthday
Cast on with great excitement. Three stripes in and I'm finding it a boring knit. It does look pretty though, so I'm going to try and persevere.

Some projects are just not meant to be.

Melodie shawl
Just too orange. I clearly didn't like it much, I never took any photos.

Hermione's everyday socks
Poor yarn/pattern combination. And there was an error, so they have been unravelled.

Yarny maths
Yarn in
650g from Mothy and the Squid that I won in a competition (yay!)
200g sock yarn from a yarn swap
300g festive sock yarn to make into Christmas presents
200g sock yarn from Unbelievawool's yarn club
200g sock yarn from a LYS

Yarn out
500g assorted bits and pieces that went into two swap parcels
26g for watermelon socks 
197g for Ex Boyfriends shawl
840g donated to Amy to make into squares
100g donated to a friend at knit night who was project-less
438g for the whale blanket
51g for the rainbow hat
185g for the Springtime bandit
85g for the twilight rainbow socks
62g silver skies rainbow socks
144g wrap cardigan

-1078g. Which is good. But not good enough! One day I will learn not to buy more yarn...

Plans for November   
Do some advent knitting (Christmassy things that shall be worn for the whole of December).
Knit a pair of mystery socks.

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