Friday 20 November 2015

Indie Design GAL 2015: What to knit? Hats

I spent a bit of today looking through all the designs in the sale portion of the Indie Design GAL 2015. There are over 5000, and every one of them has 25% off with the code giftalong2015. If you want to do the same, they're all in one handy bundle that can be found here.*

After my first look through the bundle, I found 161 patterns that I really like. Which is rather more than I actually have time to blog about, let alone make! Over the next few days I'll be showing you a selection from my favourites (if you want to look at all my favourites, they can be found here). Today I'm going to focus on 7 of my favourite hats...

Dancing Trees by Elitza Chernaeva
I'm not the best at crochet, but I certainly think this is worth a go - the textures are amazing!

Dancing Trees, image copyright Elitza Chernaeva

Peppermint Leaves by Clare Devine
I love the crown on this hat. This hat is part of Clare's Tea Collection, which features lots of other beautiful hats too.

Peppermint Leaves, image copyright Clare Devine

Manila by Christina Ghirlanda
It probably helps that I am a sucker for this shade of green, but I also love the simplicity of the stitch pattern, it looks really effective.

Manila, image copyright Minimi Knit Design

Tupelo Slouch by Sara Gresbach
I bought this during the GAL last year; this year I might get round to making it!

Tupelo Slouch, image copyright Sara Gresbach

Piccadilly - Wrapped pompom beanie, hood and cowl by Annina Paivarinta
Again, I'm probably swayed by the colour, but this pattern is a super-practical gift, as well as being really fun.

Picadilly, image copyright Annina Paivarinta

Snowflakes in the Air by Cynthia Spencer
I am a sucker for a cute hat, and this one is lovely. I love that the snow is made from beads, so it'll even sparkle a little.

Snowflakes in the Air, image copyright Really Clear Designs
Autumn Grove by Rebecca Newman
Purple, lacy leaves, very pretty.

Autumn Grove, image copyright tinylovely
 Which ones are your favourites? And what are you thinking of knitting? I'm off to think about mitts now... And remember, if you post about your knit in the GAL2015 Ravelry group* and finish it before the end of the year, you could win a prize!

*This link will only work if you're logged into Ravelry.

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