Tuesday 17 November 2015


Hello! I'm aware it's been a while since I last wrote a proper post; I'm now a little over three months from my PhD deadline, so I'm frantically working at that, while getting on with all the other usual life activities.

I haven't completely gone into hiding, and am still posting plenty of knitting and baking pictures on Instagram (new followers are always welcome), as well as enjoying weekends with family and friends. I'll also be getting involved in the Indie Design GAL over on Ravelry (all the information can be found here;* the fun starts on Thursday evening), which you may remember from last year, and will be posting about it here over the next six weeks.

Halloween cupcakes with bat and pumpkin sprinkles

Bonfire cupcakes for Bonfire Night

Chocolate orange cake for a charity raffle (we won a cake, but ate it before it could be photographed!)
Durham's rose window, reproduced in plastic blastic bottles for the Lumiere festival
Frankly enormous knitting. Again for the Lumiere festival, but I liked this one better unlit
The beginning's of my mystery Wyrt socks

We're also gearing up for Christmas in the Bird house. I've made a huge dent in my Christmas shopping this week as I realised it was making me a bit stressed. Many people who I'd planned to make things for now have shop-bought alternatives arranged to ease the pressure a little, and I can pass lots of presents on to friends I'm seeing over the next few weeks, thus saving on postage. I am very much looking forward to my son's first school Christmas - school shows, parties and dressing up; Christmas with small people is so much fun!

Festive knitting. These are for me

Hope everyone is enjoying Autumn. What have you all been up to recently?

*Note that you must be logged into Ravelry for this link to work.

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