Saturday 22 August 2015

Ooh, yarn: Devon Sun Yarns

Ok, I am trying not to buy yarn. But my Facebook feed is essentially pages and pages of indie dyers trying to sell their wares. Which makes it a bit tricky!

A few weeks ago Devon Sun Yarns had a market night, and I couldn't resist a couple of her single sock blanks: one rainbow striped and one sky blue gradient. And while I was at it, I thought I'd rejoin the yarn club for one month (a saving, obviously as I only had to pay one lot of postage a packing. Hmm, my maths may not be great there!). So I waited a few days and came home from work to find a lovely yarny package waiting for me.

The gradients are exactly what I wanted; the colours are vibrant and they are screaming at me to be knitted, I just need to find the perfect project.

The yarn club yarn was a surprise. It is mostly orange, which is not one of my favourite colours, and it's a single ply, which isn't my favourite type of yarn to work with. But it spoke to me. Within a couple of hours of it arriving it was on my needles as the beginnings of a Melodia shawl. I have no idea who's going to get the shawl, but I am loving working on it.

The bonus gift from the yarn club is also lovely. A couple of pencils that say 'I love yarn'. Yarn and stationery in a single item, perfect! The first pencil has been put in the Quiver on my Valentine's Day notebook, and the other is going to my friend Amy, who loves stationery and yarn as much as I do (Note to Amy: sorry for spoiling the surprise, I will post it eventually!).

Happy knitting everyone. Does anyone else have any yarn purchases they'd like to share? I really need to work on making the stash smaller, not bigger, so I might have to enjoy sharing other people's yarn purchases for a bit.

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