Saturday 4 July 2015

Yet another Granny's Favourite

A few months ago I bought my daughter an adorable outfit from our local Sainsbury's: a pair of yellow leggings with a pale blue tunic top decorated with daisies. Perfect for spring. The outfit did have one downside though, or, more accurately, the country I live in has one downside: the weather. Beautiful spring clothes don't always get that much wear in the UK as the weather is often stubbornly cold, even when the calendar suggests it should be otherwise.

So I decided to make a cardigan to go with the outfit, and went for the obvious choice: Granny's Favourite. I've made several before, and they fly off the needles. The cardigan is seamless, has just a little lace, and the use of only three buttons down the front means the cardigan lasts for ages as it doesn't really have to fit properly.

I was going to cast on in yellow as I have loads spare in the cupboard (a blanket's worth. I have twice tried to cast on a blanket with it, and both times given up after a few rows. This yarn is ill-fated.). Then I stopped and thought. No. A yellow cardigan should not be worn with a pair of yellow leggings, unless you want your child to look like a banana. So I went for navy blue instead.

The knitting was quick. The yarn (Stylecraft Lullaby) was lovely to work with - nice and squishy, and a little thicker than standard DK, which I liked. I even had the perfect buttons: little white daisies with yellow centres. This cardigan is lovely! No modelled photos I'm afraid as within seconds of putting the cardigan on she split something down it. Oops!

And this outfit was clearly destined to be as my sister has bought the same outfit for my daughter, but in the next size up. This cardigan will be getting a lot of wear!

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