Tuesday 7 July 2015

My first Hitchhiker

In May I cast on my first Hitchhiker scarf. It's a pattern that has been on my radar for a long time, both through my assorted knitting groups and Ravelry. It's regarded as an excellent pattern for variegated yarns as the row lengths are constantly changing, which avoids pooling, so I cast it on with some of my Mother's Day yarn when I needed a straightforward project.

The scarf was a delight to knit. I could knit it whilst paying virtually no attention while at knitting groups or when I was the passenger in a car, or I could relax and watch the colours emerge in quieter moments. I didn't even mind when the rows got longer and longer, with each 'tooth' taking longer to emerge. I knitted the final two teeth while on a car journey to Somerset, and was a bit sad when I cast it off and was out of knitting.

Now it's done I just need to wait for some colder weather so I can wear it. I'll definitely be making more of these! Having knitted this one I know that one 400m ball of sock yarn will make 39 and three quarter teeth, which is a pretty good size for the scarf. It's always nice to have another suggestion for those balls and skeins of sock yarn that seem to just keep appearing around my house.

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