Sunday 31 May 2015

Super socks

You may remember that in April I showed you my first foray into hand dyeing yarn. Well, here are the socks up knitted using that first skein.

The yarn didn't turn out quite as I had expected; I had anticipated a more uniform gradient, and for the burgundy sections to turn out something closer to purple, but I really like how this knitted up. There is the slight issue though that you could consider these socks as looking as though I have shot myself in the toes. Oops. I probably ought to think harder about the colours I use to dye things in the future!

The pattern I used was less of a pattern, and more a list of suggestions - it never specified types of increase and decrease to use, so I made it up as I went along, but I like the fit - the heel is made using short rows rather than a standard gusset, which means that in the long run they may not wear as well as other socks I've knitted, but it was interesting using a different construction method. For these socks I also had the forethought to wind the yarn into two balls before I started, so I got into much less of a tangle than with my first pair of two at a time socks! 


  1. Love the socks! Also, you have a really impressive arch in your feet.

    1. Giant feet with very high arches: a shoe buyers nightmare!