Sunday 1 March 2015

A month in knitting: February 2015

This month I decided to focus on getting long unfinished projects either finished or frogged. So how did I get on?

Scarf for Teddy
A rainbow of loveliness, you can read all about it here.

Scarf for my husband
From the box of abandoned projects, I finally finished this one in time for Valentine's Day.

The wedding blanket
Finally! It still needs photographing, but once I've done that I'll tell you all about it.

A squishy cowl
So soft and snuggly.

Nate hoodie
It still needs blocking and photographing, but is done having been fished out of the box of unfinished projects.

My first socks
They are done! And I am delighted with them! Full report to follow.

Still in progress
My dinosaur still needs his legs stitching on, but I haven't fancies that yet. Hopefully I might find time to do it this month.

I've cast on a sockhead hat from some sock yarn that is just too pretty to turn into socks.

Sadly departed...
The long abandoned cardigan
Has become a pile of balls of yarn and donated to a charity shop.

The yellow dinosaur
Never to be finished, he ended up in the bin. 

The tiger stripe cardigan 
It was never meant to be.

Stash shuffling
  • 2 x 100 g skeins of Araucania Ranco. A friend said she really liked working with this, but sadly it's discontinued. So I felt I had to buy a couple of skeins from my local yarn shop (The Woolly Workshop) before they ran out. I went with very subtly variegated reds and turquoises. I love the colours! I've added them to the sock yarn stash; I see more socks in my future! I am sorely tempted by some of the other colours, but I shall refrain for now.
  • 400 g of Ranco pre-Lent; 100 g red, 300 g undyed. I'm really looking forward to dyeing it in the garden in the summer with my son.
  • 20 g dinosaur parts from the box of unfinished projects
  • 605 g unravelled cardigan from the box of unfinished projects
  • 43 g scarf for Teddy
  • 256 g scarf for my husband
  • 55 g a top-secret commission
  • 167 g blanket squares that I posted to my mum
  • 127 g Tiger striped jacket
  • 2446 g The wedding blanket
  • 93 g Squishy cowl 
  • 151 g Nate hoodie
- 3562 g!!! Excellent news, finally a proper dent in the stash!

Aims for March
  1. Complete one baby blanket
  2. Keep up the yarn non-buying

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