Saturday 5 September 2015

Bake Day Wednesday, week something or other...

I started watching this series of Bake Off with the intention of baking along and writing a blog post to accompany each week's episode. How hard could it be? Ten weeks, ten bakes. I managed last year with a newborn baby and a pre-schooler to contend with. This year has been a completely different story. I half-heartedly joined in with the baking for the first few weeks, then one week got delayed until the weekend, and last week we were on holiday so no baking got done, and now I'm two weeks behind and just don't feel like baking.

I started back at work a few weeks ago and feel like I've been running ever since; my baby is now a feisty one year old who needs rather more active attention than a newborn baby (newborns love a snuggle, and my baby carrier left my hands nicely free to do other things); and my favourite baking buddy started school this week. So, just this once, I'm going to give myself a break. No more committing to baking on a Wednesday, I shall bake when I feel like it instead, even if that's not until the next round of school holidays. I shall still be watching Bake Off, but possibly with some shop-bought biscuits and a nice mug of hot chocolate. After all, autumn as begun. Happy baking everyone.


  1. Sometimes, all you need is a Mr Kipling French Fancy...

    1. Definitely. This week I had mini battenburgs. They were good!