Friday 2 January 2015

A month in knitting: December 2014

Off the needles
A Christmas jumper for my son, which I've already written about here.

A beautiful pair of mitts for a friend, technically finished last month, but I didn't get round to blocking them until this month. You can read more about them here.

A pair of hats for a friend's daughters. Hopefully they've gone down well as Christmas presents.

My daughter's stocking
Finished just in time for Christmas!

Ballerina Ruffle Skirt
Made for my friend's daughter. The yarn was a pain to work with, but I love the finished effect.

Summer into Fall
So cute! Just need to wait for my daughter to grow into it now. You can read all about it here.

Still on the needles
  • That blanket...

The stash log
  • 100 g dark pink aran lambswool that I'm hoping to make into a pair of boot cuffs once I've bought some new boots
  • 400 g cream aran for a blanket for my soon-to-arrive nephew
  • 150 g turquoise merino aran - a Christmas present from my mum
  • 206 g assorted aran for Rudi
  • 51 g DK merino for Antiquity
  • 132 g for Alhamra
  • 131 g for two Chouettes
  • 101 g for the stocking
  • 96 g for the ruffle skirt
  • 127 g for Summer into Fall
  •   -194 g! Hooray, Vikki 1, stash 0 A marginal win, but a win nonetheless. Long may it continue.
Aims for January
  1. Finish that blanket...
  2. Knit a car seat blanket for my forthcoming nephew

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