Sunday 3 January 2016

A month in yarn: December 2015

Happy New Year!

December vanished in a whirlwind, and apparently I completely failed to write down what I had bought, recieved, or knitted. I did manage to make a few Christmas gifts: some socks for my brother and a pair for Amy, a hat for myself, some mitts for my mum and a pair of socks for me.

I also recieved a lot of yarn for Christmas (I am not complaining; I love yarn!). Unfortunately the sock yarn no longer fits in its designated box, so I've made a cunning plan and gift-wrapped twelve balls/skeins/blanks of sock yarn from my stash to make a lucky dip of yarn to last me the year. I get a lovely yarny surprise every month without having to spend any money, yay! And I have assigned my son as present chooser and unwrapper, so he will be happy to.

Lovely yarny goodness
Post-Chrismas paper recycling
All the best for 2016!

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