Wednesday 30 December 2015

Indie Design GAL: FO: Tupelo Slouch

I first saw Sara Gresbach's Tupelo Slouch during last year's GAL and decided that I had to knit it. But actually knitting it took until this year's GAL. I chose to use the Devon Sun Yarns yarn club yarn I recieved in April. I wasn't totally certain about it at the time, but when I got it back out of the box I found it much more appealing. So I happily wound it into a ball and started knitting.

Sara's pattern was lovely to follow; the pattern is a four-row repeat, so easy to memorise, and excellent TV knitting. The pattern doesn't show up very well on the variegated yarn, something a little more solid would showcase the pattern better, but the finished hat looks good and fits reasonably well (if I did another I might do an extra repeat to make it a bit slouchier - on my head it's neither a beanie nor a slouch hat, but that may well be down to my head). And as it's purple it'll go with everything!

The Indie Design GAL finishes on New Year's Eve, so there's not much time to join in, but if you have finihsed anything that you haven't yet posted in the FO thread in the Indie Design Gift-A-Long group on Ravelry,* now's the time to do so - there are prizes to be won. I have a couple more finished objecs to share with you tomorrow; I have no idea where December has gone! I hope you've all enjoyed my sharing of new designers and patterns, I've certainly enjoyed it.

*You have to be logged into Ravelry for this link to work.

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